About TAS Films

Équipe Salon de l'Enseigne

A Team of Devoted Specialists

TAS Films' team rassembles image and graphics specialists to whom printing and lamination films, accessories and equipment have no secrets. As soon as a new product is added to our catalogue, they make sure they understand all its advantages and benefits, to help you maximise your time and money.

Our History

1992 -

TAS Films is created by Tony Bernardi.

2007 -

TAS Films moves to its actual location, on Dagenais Blvd, Laval.


Our Goal

Be your one and only graphic specialist

Distributing over 14,000 printing, car wrap and lamination products, films, and accessories, TAS Films aims at being the one-stop shop for all your needs.

Our promise:

  • Evaluate your needs to provide the best solution
  • Know our products thoroughly to help you make an enlightened decision
  • Answer all your questions on how-to use our products
  • Help you maximise your time and money!

Be it on our website or our catalogue, any order will be forwarded by a phone call from our Customer Service, to make sure that you chose everything you needed to complete your project quickly.

Our Managers

Choosing TAS Films


... means choosing a reputable business partner, which not only understands your business' needs, but also knows everything about the products, films, and accessories that we recommend you to complete all your printing, lamination and car wrap projects.


... it also means you'll receive all the appropriate information, be invited to participate in seminars and events, as well as trasdeshows where you get interactive demonstrations, in Quebec and in Canada.