PlastGrommet finishing tools and products for digital printing

A new range of products to better suit your needs!

In order to meet the needs of your most demanding projects, TAS Films always aims at diversifying the range of its products, as well as the suppliers it chooses to do business with.

Founded in 1990 under the warm sun of Alicante, Spain (let’s wish we were there while our cold Quebec winter lasts so long!), Plasticos Alco opens its division PlastGrommet in 2004, to offer finishing tools and products for digital printing, at an excellent quality-price ratio. These great prices, we share them with you on these exclusive European products, as TAS Films is proud to have been chose exclusive distributor of the PlastGrommet products.

From grommets to squeegees, media racks or finishing equipment, keep reading to discover all of PlastGrommets’ perks!

Produits de finition et outils d’atelier PlastGrommet

The little extras you get with the PlastGrommet media racks

You already know it: media racks save you a lot of shop space. Did you know you also save on the cost of poles and rubber tips, as they are included in your purchase of a rack?

Be it with the BullRack, which receives 15 rolls of 64’’ wide, or the BullRackXXL that accepts 8 rolls of a maximum 126’’ width, the toreador in you will tame the most challenging projects!

Mobile16 racks will hold up to 16 rolls, stored vertically to save you even more space.

Produits de finition et outils d’atelier PlastGrommet

One tool does it all: the HPS025 / CornerRounder

The hand grommet press (HPS025) for plastic grommets transforms into a CornerRounder when you add a corner rounder kit radius (PHTIKCR10) that will round off corners of different materials.

No need to precut the material, the press cuts and installs plastic grommets #3 in one easy pass, as you can move the press while your banner stays in place.

Perfect for smaller shops, this versatile tool is ideal, just like you or a tasty Spanish paella!

Produits de finition et outils d’atelier PlastGrommet

Trust the queens of grommet presses

Yes, Spain is still a monarchy today, but its most famous queens are the Queen and SpeedQueen pneumatic grommet presses, that will save you time and money.

Switch to a pneumatic press today, a safe and highly productive way to install grommets on most materials. Manufactured in Europe, both our queens are so light you can move them instead of moving your banner, thus improving the precision of the whole operation. Nothing’s worse than unaligned grommets, right?

Produits de finition et outils d’atelier PlastGrommet

Save your back for the flamenco!

Celebrate the PlastGrommet products while saving your back with our new media roll lifters, the CompactLifter and the QuickLifter.

The entry-level CompactLifter distinguished itself from its competitors with its locking ramps that prevent rolls from falling off. The cordless QuickLifter, powered by a rechargeable battery, is so fun to work with you’ll want to dance around your shop while moving safely your media rolls!

Produits de finition et outils d’atelier PlastGrommet

… and the finale: ultra-resistant 4’’ and 6’’ squeegees!

A plastic company could only manufacture some of the most resistant squeegees. Visit TAS Films’ website for the complete range of PlastGrommet squeegees, no need to say gracias!

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